What You Need To Know When Choosing an Interiors Photographer

You’re a home builder, renovator or interior designer and you want to get the word out about your fabulous work. The most effective way is to show it off with stunning photos!

Before you get into it, of course, you need a photographer.

Any business requires marketing activities and professional photography is an essential part of the process. For builders, renovators, interior designers, architects and other construction companies as well as real estate agents, professional photos are very important in presenting their work or product to customers. With that, it is also vital to look for a photography partner you can count on to help you deliver the best photos to win more clients.

There are a few things to consider in choosing the right photographer for you:

Start with determining the kind of photos you want for your business

Have you envisioned what you want to see in the images?

Check the quality of their previous works

Is their style something you fancy?
Does your taste in aesthetics match with theirs?

Do they provide other complementary services

Real Estate Marketing Package: Portman 2, Zetland

Does the portfolio include interior photography?
Ask about virtual staging (digitally furnishing the space), floorplans, and other digital editing and enhancements.

Learn about them, their business, policies and payment terms

Photography: Buds & Beans Florist Cafe

Are they a local business?
Are they the type that values a long-term partnership?

Find out more about the turnaround time and what other services they offer

Website: Back To Timber

When can you expect the photos? Are they downloadable?
Do they offer services beyond photography?

Discuss the scope of their work

What else do they need on the day of the shoot?
Do they have limitations or specific requests?

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, it’s now time to prepare for your photoshoot!

Get ready. 😉

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