Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2023


As we approach the year-end, we’ve seen another wave of changes circulating the world of digital marketing. 

Here, we discuss what we think are the best social media and digital marketing trends that will continue to rise in 2023 based on a number of industry research and essential stats.

Short-Form Videos

Short-Form Videos, as defined by HubSpot are “any video under 60 seconds, with the optimal length between 31 and 60 seconds”.  They are usually in 6×19 and are watched and recorded mainly on mobile phones.

From Vine to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Stories, Reels and most recently Tiktok, Short Form Videos have become the leading content in social media. Now, even Youtube has updated its algorithm to open its doors for Youtube Shorts. 

A HubSpot report found that 85% of marketers say short-form videos are the most effective social media content, with Tiktok and Reels being the two most popular platforms.

Short Form Stats

Moreover, the report also found that 51% of marketers who use short-form videos have planned to “increase their investment in 2022”, while 38% plan to “continue investing the same amount”.

15-second videos may not appear to be the best explainers, but when it shows a product in action, then it can surely catch attention. That being said, Short-Form is here to stay in 2023.



Nano-influencers are social media users with followers ranging from 1000 to 5,000. They usually post about their everyday lives, from photos of their family to memes about any topic.

Unlike the “mega-influencers” with millions of followers and a strictly curated Instagram feed aesthetic, nano-influencers are not paid by brands to advertise their products and services. Instead, they receive free stuff from the brands in exchange for posting about them on their social media platforms.

A Matter survey reveals 61% of consumers trust Influencer recommendations. 

consumers trust

Nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate at 5%, beating the mega influencers, according to a HypeAuditor research. If your goal is to make a sale, this is the way to go in 2023 and beyond.



Email Marketing is one of the ways to build and maintain a strong relationship between the brand and the customer. 

In the next year, we will continue to see privacy updates and improvement in metrics. This is due to Apple’s iOS 14 update that requires businesses to create a space for the first-party data they have collected.

A tweak in measuring your email marketing success should be considered.

57% of small businesses use email marketing as their main strategy, according to Campaign Monitor. It is the second biggest opportunity to gain customers, next to Social Media which gained the top spot.

Email Marketing


That says how important this strategy is for all types of businesses, no matter what challenges it may face. 



A blog is long-form content, which may be known as an old way to express ideas on specific topics, but it never really went away. In fact, it even grew in recent years as a helpful platform for businesses to disseminate information on their products or services and to grow their online presence.

According to a study from Hubspot, a business site that has a blog has seen 55% more website visitors.

The above graph shows that blogs will maintain their goal in helping websites grow in the coming year.



The best example of this is the shopping centre scene in the 2002 film Minority Report. As Tom Cruise walks inside, his character, John Anderton, is bombarded with personalised in-store ads as he passes through a series of futuristic screens. 

Twenty years later, we find that this sci-fi idea has now become much closer to reality. 

In the digital space, personalisation is a marketing strategy that sends individualised content or messages to engage customers or potential customers and improve their journey online.  It gives a better opportunity for consumers to choose which brand is the right one for them.

Insider Intelligence survey suggests 73% of consumers expect businesses to understand their unique needs and expectations. 

Consumer Expecations

This number is predicted to grow in 2023.


Image and Voice Search

The changes in SEO are constant as there are new ways to search when a user goes shopping or looking for answers on just about anything online. These new ways are currently shaping the user behaviour drastically.

To improve your website’s performance, you should consider updating your SEO techniques to meet the standards of Voice Search, Image and Reverse Image Search.

Google Lens is a Reverse Image Search Tool that allows you to upload an image you already have in your device and search for its information or a relevant topic.

Studies have found that 74% of consumers say that typing the text to search queries are ineffective. PwC found that 71% of users would rather do a voice search query than typing the text. More recently, image search tools have been on the rise, with 29.5% of users now utilising these tools mainly on their mobile devices. 

Voice searches have been popular since Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant were developed. On the other hand, TinEye, Google Images, Yahoo Image Search, Bing Image Search and Pinterest Visual Search Tool are regarded as five of the best image search tools so far.

Search Behaviour



These are only the top six of the many trends to look forward to in 2023. Which of these have you already considered into our marketing strategy this year?


Is your business ready for what’s to come? Tell us!


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