2023 Australia Social Media Stats You Need To Know

The digital world is always changing and it has lots to do with an evolving consumer demand and behaviour.

Business owners need to be in-the-know of these constant changes. So here, we list down the most important social media statistics to help you get ahead of your marketing strategy.


On Social Media users in Australia:

21.30 million Australians, 81% of the population, are active social media users.

Australians spend 2 hours a day on social media. This accounts for roughly one-third of the time spent online. 

Top reasons for using Social Media: Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family (53.4%), Filling Spare time (38.2%) and Reading News Stories (24.8%). 


On the most used social media platforms by Aussies: 

The number of Facebook users in Australia is 21,398,000, 73.6%.

People aged 25 to 34 are the largest user group (5,200,000).

Facebook Messenger (62.9%)

The number of Instagram users in Australia is 13,576,800, 55.5%. 

People aged 25 to 34 are also the largest user group (3,900,000).

There are around 8.1 million TikTok users in Australia. It’s still the leading social media platform for Gen Z. 

On advertising:

Australia is estimated to be the 5th largest Social Media Advertising market in the world. 

1 in 3 Australians turn to social media when they are searching for brand information. 

53% of surveyed small-medium enterprises in Australia plan to grow their social media budget. 

Australian companies have increased their digital ad spend by 10.7%, with a significant preference for digital audio ads (19.9%) and online influencer activities (19.4%). 


14.90 million is the potential reach of ads on Facebook. A well-placed ad can engage up to more than half (56.6%) of Australia’s total population. 





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