Australia Social Media Statistics 2022 (1)

Social Media Statistics in Australia 2022

Social media has transformed into something that has become a major part of everyone’s day-to-day lives and Australia is no exception.

Australian businesses and organisations have been thriving in expanding their customer base with the use of social media.

According to The Global Statistics and DataReportal, Australia has the highest social media penetration rate in the world.

With that, we created a video infographic showing a few of the social media stats that marketers need to keep in mind.


Check out the list below:

Australia and its General Social Behavior

25.93 million Australians, 21.45 million are active social media users.

23.60 million are the total number of internet users.

There has been a 4.6% increase in active social media users in 2021.

950,000 new users are added.

6 hrs and 13 mins is the average daily time spent on the internet.

1 hour and 57 mins is the average time spent using social media.

Facebook & Instagram users are more likely to follow brands on those platforms than Twitter or LinkedIn users.


72% of Instagram users would prefer not be targeted by age group, while 74% do not want to be targeted by gender.

Websites and Apps

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Australia, with 18.12 million active users.
Instagram is the second most popular social media platform with 13.62 million active users.
Followed by Tiktok (7.60 million), Twitter (6.96 million), Pinterest (6.77 million) and Linkedin (6.18 million).

Messenger is most popular messaging app with 15.67 million active users, followed by Wechat (9.02 million)

Google is the most visited website in Australia, followed by Youtube.


55.41% of Aussies use laptops and desktop computers, 39.88% use smartphones.

The number of Mobile Internet users are 20.29 million. 80% of all internet activity takes place via mobile devices.


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