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Real Estate and Social Media – Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Most businesses from different industries, old and new, have been using social media as one of their standard online marketing and selling tool. The Real Estate industry is no different, yet there is still significant reluctance across real estate agents to take on social media as a core part of their strategy, especially independent agents or smaller boutique agencies. Whether it’s a feat of the complexity of ‘how it all works’ or simply not knowing where to start, the time to overcome all that and leverage social media is now! Here, we discuss why social media is important for your real estate business.

A study on realtors in the digital world found that most marketers from the real estate industry have made social media a platform for gaining customers and boosting sales. The study also states that 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers begin their home search online. It’s clear that social media is beneficial. But you need a killer strategy to be able to pull off your online presence.

You can’t just put up a social media page and post stuff. It must attract your audience – property investors, property buyers, property managers and the like.

Here’s how you can utilise social media for your real estate business:


Facebook is an easy platform to use. It is tailored to fit all sorts of businesses. You can easily determine user behavior from Insights. It presents your audiences’ age, interests, location, and many others that will be of great help to your content strategy.

Facebook ads will benefit your business as it’s built for you to create a post that targets a specific audience who are most likely to buy a property in your area, leading them to a desired call to action, such as viewing your website or providing contact details for you to reach out to them on.

The Carousel Ad format is perfect to showcase the properties you sell.
Source: SproutSocial


This platform is visually oriented. Image posts of the property you’re selling are always enticing for property buyers. It will help you showcase the ins and outs of the property, from the floorplans to the home décor, and even a stunning view.

Instagram will also help you showcase a visual of the surrounding areas. Post photos of the whole neighbourhood, nearby establishments, a school maybe, or perhaps even a hot spot for fun activities.

It is also important to consider your content’s visual styling. We’ve shared some tips on how you can better feature your photos on your Instagram feed. Don’t miss out on how you can establish your brand through your image posts.


LinkedIn is a B2B platform. A LinkedIn account will help you establish your brand as an agent and feature your online CV and portfolio. It may not be the best place to acquire the typical home buyer or seller, but it’s a perfect place to share your (or your agency’s) achievements, network with the industry, or launch your career, if you’re just starting.

On top of a LinkedIn account, you can also create a separate LinkedIn company page. It will help your business boost brand awareness and establish an online presence.

Once you’ve figure out which platforms are best for you, it’s time to plan your content! However before you dive in, consider the following points:

  • Like what we’ve mentioned earlier, you need to not only share photos of the property, but its surrounding areas as well. For example, post a photo of a coffee shop and mention how close it is to the property. Accompany it with engaging caption to tell a story and make it memorable.
  • Educate your clients. You must have a sense of transparency with your client. When they learn something about the real estate market, they become a smart property buyer. This will help secure trust and maintain great relationships.
  • Engage with your online community. Don’t be a snob! When someone reacts on your post or sends an enquiry via your social media channels, respond to them. This will help you gain more followers and acquire more clients.
  • Don’t be a fake, be yourself. Sound sincere in your content. It’s nice to speak from the heart and talk about why you want to genuinely help your clients.

Social media has indeed already made a huge impact on any type of business. It has also been proven effective specifically in the real estate industry. It’s the easiest way to interact with your existing clients and potential ones. It’s just a matter of using it right and making it suit your business.

We’re interested in hearing how you think your real estate business can utilise social media. Comment your thoughts below!