A Guide to Get You Prepared for Your Interior Photoshoot

Previously, we discussed the importance of having professional photos of your work. So you’ve hired a photographer, now it’s time to dive into the next step – PHOTOSHOOT!

Preparing for any type of photoshoot can be exhausting. Everything has to be in place and complete before the photographer arrives.

Before you begin, make sure you discuss with your photographer what kind of photos you want. Here are few sample questions that may help you decide:

  • Do you want a day time shoot or do you prefer a specific timeslot, like twilight shots?
  • Do you want to emphasise on details such as specific shapes, texture and colour?
  • Do you want to highlight specific areas of a room?
  • Do you want to focus on a particular feature or function within the space?

These will also help the photographer prepare for the shoot so that they can come prepared with the appropriate gear.

With all those considered, clients need to prepare for the shoot too. Here’s a list of the things you and the property owner will need to keep in mind before the day of the photoshoot.

Shot List

Photo Credit: Green Chameleon on Unsplash

A shot list is a document or a checklist of the images you and the photographer want to capture during the photoshoot. It includes specific shots, camera angles and other references so there’s nothing to be missed out on the day. It is very important to have it so the photographer knows what to do and where to go next. It saves time for you and the photographer, and ensures that everything you need will be captured accordingly.

This is usually prepared and agreed upon between the client and the photography prior to the photoshoot date.

Clean Up!

Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

The interior should be clean and clear of all visible dust and dirt. Make the beds with new, matching sheets. Give the window a quick dust and wipe. A golden rule is: everything that you can see, the camera will also see. If you think those fingerprints on the rangehood probably won’t even get picked up by the camera, chances are they probably will be the first thing you notice in the photo.

If the exterior facade of the home is part of the shot list, make sure that leaves are swept, cars and garbage bins are out of the way. 

The goal is to capture your home in its best light.

Less Is More

Do a walk through of the whole place and make sure everything is tidy and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Remove unnecessary items that make the space cluttered such as used kitchen utensils, pieces of paper, tissues, bottles, gadgets and other electronic devices. If it’s distracting and irrelevant to the whole design of the space, remove it.

Pay attention to the small things too. For example you may want to move the magnets on the fridge away as they can distract the audience from the overall design and make the space look untidy.

Let The Light In

Interiors Photography

Lighting is essential in photography. Open all curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible, as sunlight is the best to show off colours in their original shades and creates soft, natural shadows throughout to make the image more inviting and welcoming. 

If your space is dark, or if you have a feature light piece (such as a chandelier), then we will need to rely on the home’s lighting, so make sure all lightbulbs are working and are matching in colour and brightness.

Pets In Photoshoots


The presence of pets can liven up an image, but this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If the home owner has a pet, you can have them around if you don’t mind showing them in some images, as long as they are well behaved and do not become a hazard to the photographer while they are working. If you prefer having no animals shown, you may need to coordinate with the home owner to take them out or hide them in a space that doesn’t require photography for the duration of the photoshoot. 

Plan B

Photo Credit: mk. s on Unsplash

Unfortunately, photography can be weather-dependent, so be prepared for reschedules if the weather is extremely gloomy. The photographer will always do their best to avoid reschedules, but has to weigh it against the outcome of the images if they are taken in adverse weather conditions which can make them look dark and dull. At the end of the day, you’d want all your hard work to be captured in the best way possible!

Planning and preparing ahead, making sure all items in the checklist are done and having a trusting partnership with a collaborative photographer are all important factors for achieving the outcomes you desire. Fantastic photography leads to fantastic clients! ✨

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What You Need To Know When Choosing an Interiors Photographer

You’re a home builder, renovator or interior designer and you want to get the word out about your fabulous work. The most effective way is to show it off with stunning photos!

Before you get into it, of course, you need a photographer.

Any business requires marketing activities and professional photography is an essential part of the process. For builders, renovators, interior designers, architects and other construction companies as well as real estate agents, professional photos are very important in presenting their work or product to customers. With that, it is also vital to look for a photography partner you can count on to help you deliver the best photos to win more clients.

There are a few things to consider in choosing the right photographer for you:

Start with determining the kind of photos you want for your business

Have you envisioned what you want to see in the images?

Check the quality of their previous works

Is their style something you fancy?
Does your taste in aesthetics match with theirs?

Do they provide other complementary services

Real Estate Marketing Package: Portman 2, Zetland

Does the portfolio include interior photography?
Ask about virtual staging (digitally furnishing the space), floorplans, and other digital editing and enhancements.

Learn about them, their business, policies and payment terms

Photography: Buds & Beans Florist Cafe

Are they a local business?
Are they the type that values a long-term partnership?

Find out more about the turnaround time and what other services they offer

Website: Back To Timber

When can you expect the photos? Are they downloadable?
Do they offer services beyond photography?

Discuss the scope of their work

What else do they need on the day of the shoot?
Do they have limitations or specific requests?

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, it’s now time to prepare for your photoshoot!

Get ready. 😉

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How To Create Eye-Popping Instagram Content

We all know that visual content is a real attention grabber, and one of the most successful platforms to capture the attention of online audiences is Instagram. Research suggests that Instagram will become even more popular in the years to come!

More businesses are leaning towards the use of Instagram as their main social media platform, with 69% of marketers planning to increase their organic activities on Instagram over the next 12 months! Here’s why:

  • Most Instagram users are Millennials and Gen Zs, which make up the majority of online consumers today
  • Instagram has a mobile-friendly interface
  • Marketers find Instagram better for branding
  • Users can explore and get discovered more quickly because of the use of hashtags
  • Most posts on Instagram are positive and inspirational

As a business, how can you utilise this platform? Are you doing enough to get your message across but at the same time keeping up with the trends?

Make It Pop!

One of the keys to gaining higher engagement rates on social media is highly compelling visuals. It takes effort to create a visually stunning feed, and it’s not only about simply posting any photos or videos at random.

How do you pick the right ones and carefully plan your Instagram posts? Here are some tips from our Social Media team:

Know What Your Brand Is All About

Your image posts need to have a similar look and tone with your branding.

For example, if you use teal and grey as the main colour scheme in your branding, then try applying this look and feel to the images you post. You may even apply the chessboard effect (alternating between dark and light) to create an extra layer of consistency throughout the feed.

Master The Art of Curation

Do some visual styling. When planning the order of your posts, visualise how your entire feed (profile) will look. Are the colours balanced? Do the tones of each post look uniform or work well with each other? Does it look consistent?

You may even cut a large image into smaller pieces so that different posts can form a bigger picture on your feed, like a puzzle!

A good example of this is Coca-Cola’s Instagram feed. For their social media campaign of their partnership with most-watched series on Netflix set in the 80’s, Stranger Things, they used these 80’s themed posters of the ‘New Coke’, videos that looked like it was shot using an old VHS camera and of course, the upside down Stranger Things font and visual style.

Schedule Your Posts

Use social media tools to plan and schedule your posts. Choose the ones that would best fit your marketing workflow, needs and budget.

  • Preview App allows you to see in Instagram’s grid view what your feed will look like. You can see all your scheduled posts in one glance. You can drag and drop your posts around.
  • Later is an Instagram tool that allows you to schedule your posts and stories. If you’re working in teams, you can also share your drafted posts with your teammates.
  • Gain is like Later minus the feature on scheduling stories. It also allows other team members and clients (if you’re an agency) to easily leave notes and approve the drafted posts and send them to be updated or scheduled.

Reveal What Goes On Behind The Scenes

While you want to curate the best version of your brand on the feed, your brand still needs to stay ‘human’ and grounded. Share what goes on behind the scenes (BTS) to make everything happen and further interact and create relevance with your followers!

If you’re a photographer, for example, and you’ve just posted your most recent work, then post some behind-the-scenes shots as well! To avoid “killing the look” it’s generally more ideal to post them via your Instagram Stories, unless you have BTS content that’s just as high quality as the images you use for your feed!

Famous photographer in Asia, Shaira Luna, takes us behind-the-scenes of her latest shoot.

Make Your Team The Stars

Show off your employees! It’s an easy way to share the pride your team takes in the work they do, and also helps to humanise your brand! Share photos of them at work or having fun together. Showcase your company culture. Hootsuite is an example of a brand that does awesome work with their employee experience.

Never, EVER, Use Staged Stock Images!

Stock images are a huge NO, especially when they’re overly staged and unnatural! Some companies would rather buy stock images than hire professional photographers, but what they don’t get is that bad stock images are really bad for their brand. Here’s why:

  • There is no authenticity.
  • It’s not subtle – always looking too staged and forced.
  • Models are overused.
  • It doesn’t show anything unique about your brand!
Example of an unnaturally staged stock photo.
Nobody is that excited to be at work. Ever.

Consistency Is The Key!

Your posts have to streamline its tone of voice with your brand. Follow the brand styling guidelines. Pick photos that would reflect your brand. Use a specific filter, so that when a person sees your profile or your post, they immediately know that it’s your brand they’re seeing. If you’re using videos, then apply the same formula.

Keep it consistent, but also make it diverse. Find a diverse range of topics to post about that would be relevant and useful to your target audience, and accompany them with compelling and eye-popping visuals.

Create content that adds value to your Instagram audiences’ lives, while spoiling them with a constant feast for their eyes 😉